Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Platform:ps3 xbox 360
Genre:Shooter, First person

When fans of the series heard that Turok was being put onto the next gen consoles, they were ecstatic. Therefore the game received a great deal of hype. I had never played a Turok game before and I was excited for its release. There wasnt a doubt in my mind that this game would be anything short of awesome.
The game starts you out in a futuristic setting, as you are aboard a space shuttle heading towards some unknown planet looking for a mercenary. And, of course, your ship ends up crash landing. As luck would have it, the place is infested with dinosaurs. You command Turok, a scruff looking man of Indian decent. Anyway, from there you go about shooting things and killing all of the baddies. But, there are some serious issues in this game. For one, it is WAY to repetitive and gets old fast. After a while I thought I was playing the same level, just with a different background. When you think the game is reaching its climax, they just send you on an insignificant mission. Its almost like the game never ends. But, it does finish off with a pointless climax and stereotypical ending.
But, the game isn't all bad. There are some good points to it. For one, the combat is fairly entertaining, while it lasts. It is fun occasionally to go out and only use a bow and knife. This brings some real challenge to the game.

In short, Turok is a semi entertaining game that you really shouldn't pay full price for. I give turok 2/5


  1. I have not heard of that one but I will look into it if you suggest it.

  2. I wouldnt get it, it sucks