Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Hey all!

Title: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Platform: ps3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action Adventure

Story This game really doesn't have much story. It involves you, a teenager in a giant robot, traveling around blowing other robots up. It is pretty basic I know. If your a fan of the original anime, then you will be semi satisfied. The same robots and characters you know and love make an appearance.

Game Play The game play in this game isn't really all it could be. You have your basic machine guns and saber sword for a melee attack. But that is pretty much it. Playing the game I felt very, very limited on what I could do. The game play gets old fast. It involves about 50 mindless robots charging at you while you press the exact same button over and over again to defeat them all. It is ridiculous.

I really have nothing more to say about this game other than don't buy it. Its honestly not worth whatever they want to charge you for it. This was a huge disappointment. I give it a 1/5

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