Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 10 best video games of the decade

In the last ten years, the video game market has skyrocketed. We have witnessed some seriously revolutionary video gaming systems, things we never even thought possible. Well today I’m talking about the actual games that we played on these systems; the best, most revolutionary games in the last ten years. The best of the best, the ones that change the way we game…forever.

#10-Fallout 3-(2008)
Released in 2008, Fallout 3 was a gem in on the shelf on RPGs. To many, it had seemed like the concept of the game had been done before. The end result of the game shocked millions with its open world environment and unique game play. The game took place in the distant future where you, the “lone wanderer”, went on a search for your runaway father. After nuclear war has torn apart the world, you are mostly alone on your quest. The environments are absolutely stunning, and the game play was amazing. You could go anywhere, and do anything while meeting some of the most memorable characters in video game history; such as, an eccentric fast talking radio DJ, and a man named Dave who has set up a “kingdom” of about 10 people.
#9-The Sims-(2000)
The Sims was a game that, at the time of its release, was a one of a kind. To date it is one of the best selling PC games of all time. So what makes it so popular and revolutionary? Well, it was one of the first games that was a “life simulation.” And that’s what made it so successful. You could really do anything you want with your character that you made. This is one game that has attracted casual and hardcore gamers alike. Anyone can play.
#8-Burnout 3 Takedown-(2004)
Out of all the Burnout games, this one by far has to be the best. What was so great about it was that it was one of the first racing games that utilized combat while racing. One major goal of the game was to take out other players by ramming them thus blowing up their cars. Most of the racing games up to 2004 were just driving around a set course, none having the objective of taking out other racers.
#7-Guitar Hero-(2005)
There is no doubt that guitar hero would make this list. Even though we had music games prior to its release, Guitar Hero is the first of its kind. The object of the game is to play to music using a plastic guitar, which differs from playing the real thing. The key to this game’s success was the fact that it is a common dream among the general public to be a rock star. Everyone wants to be a rock star. With this game, your dream can come true. After the release of Guitar Hero in 2005 handfuls of other music games were spawned and the market for music games exploded. This game started it all.
#6-Kingdom Hearts-(2002)
What looked like another Japanese RPG had a major twist element. Alongside the big eyed, big haired youngsters were classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Although this sounds very weird (which it is) the game was done very well and received positive reviews all around. This twist made this game one of the most successful game franchises of all time. The pure originality of the subject matter made this game a must have. One other thing it did very well was introduce a younger generation of fans to the Final Fantasy Franchise which was also very successful.
#5-Portal (2007)
Portal is a puzzle game which changed puzzle games. The game is played in first person style which you the player uses a “portal gun”. The player had to shoot orange and blue portals though walls to advance through the level, with different challenges and puzzles along the way. No other puzzle game was played like this one was. It was a real original title, in a time where original titles where nonexistent. Portal at times was extremely hard and forced the player to actually think through what they were doing. There was no game like this before it, and there hasn’t been one like it since.
#4- God of War-(2005)
A game truly ahead of its time, God of War was a game that was based on Greek mythology. One major reason this game was to be remembered was for the graphics. It was one of the few games of its time that looked as good as it did. What they had created was a true epic of a game that really deserves to be remembered.
#3-Wii Motion titles-(2006)
The Wii is an amazing feat in gaming. It brought motion gaming to life with its creative game play and motion control system. I know that this category covers several games, but it wouldn’t be fair if I just mentioned one game on the list. A few of these games are Wii fit and Wii sports. There is no doubt that these titles along with the motion control technology were milestones in gaming this past decade. This completely original concept was brought to the console and the games are still being played today.
#2-World of Warcraft-(2004)
I’m sure by now you have heard of the multiplayer giant that is World of Warcraft. Now with millions of users, this game really set the standard for online gaming. The game has an extremely expansive world, with lots to explore and do. Blizzard Entertainment really hit a big one with this game, and im sure it will be remembered as one of the greatest games ever made in years to come. Even if you don’t like this game, you cannot deny that it didn’t permanently leave an impact on gaming around the world.
#1 Halo: Combat Evlolved-(2001)
The number one game on my list is Halo. At the time of Halo’s release it was an instant classic, being one of the pioneers of first person shooters on consoles. But halo will be remembered for more than just this. Its sequel, Halo 2, really revolutionized online console game play as we know it today. The multiplayer was done differently than it had before, being a huge hit. From the success of the Halo games has come a huge success of Xbox Live and eventually the Xbox 360. The Halo franchise will always be remembered as a video gaming legend. It brought things to the table that fans had never seen before, providing them with great gaming experiences. Halo: Combat Evolved is the best game we have seen in the last ten years.


  1. I agree, most of these are pretty sweet :)

  2. Sorry man... your list is completely wrong.

    10. Silent Hill 2 - Completely changed the meaning of the word "scary."

    9. Halflife 2 - Showed us that games can tell stories and still be fun.

    8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - The Zelda series finally returns in gold.

    7. Guitar Hero II - Completely changes games and revives a dead franchise.

    6. Halo: Combat Evolved - The start of the online gameplay and an unbelievably good game.

    5. Grand Theft Auto III - This game changed everything. Before this game developers made games. After this game developers had to create living, breathing worlds. The first TRUE sand box title. A mighty good one too.

    4. Shadow of the Colossus - A game of unprecedented beauty, mystery and innovation. Proves that games can be used as a form of art.

    3. World of Warcraft - A worldwide obsession. What else is to be said?

    2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - The first real game that IS a movie.

    1. Final Fantasy X - The greatest game ever made. No other game has a better story, better characters, or gameplay. I've been playing it for TEN YEARS and it still isn't old. Final Fantasy X showed everyone what the series was capable of doing and had us literally dive head first into the magnificent world of Spira where we went on a pilgrimage of deep emotion. In a game where EVERYTHING revolves around death, this is probably the most depressing game ever. The level of detail and work put into this game is how every game should be made; With heart.

  3. You have an alright list...havent played some of those though. I still need to finish half life haha. Great game though.

  4. And this list wasnt really THE BEST OF THE BEST but more of a list of games that were a serious milestone in gaming. I mean if we are looking at it from a multilayer prospective then Halo deserves a top spot. I mean it was a GREAT game and for an added plus it started online play. haha