Monday, June 14, 2010

Merrry Men in Da Hood. (with no tights)

Robin Hood is probably one of my favorite fictional characters. I mean you have a jolly guy in tights helping the poor and fighting off the rich. Don’t forget the band of Merry Men (also in tights). So, as you can all imagine, I was fairly excited when I heard the news of a new Robin Hood film staring Russell Crowe.

The film was directed with Ridley Scott at the helm, which I was rather pleased with because he is experienced when it comes to medieval and war films. The film treats the origin of the Robin Hood story we know and love. Crowe stars as Robin Longstride, an archer in the army of King Richard the Lion heart. After the death of the King, Robin and his comrades (soon-to-be the Merry Men) run away from the military in an attempt to get home. While heading home, he learns of more invading forces heading for his home town. The plot gets more complex from there. Overall the story is very clunky and doesn’t flow well. It can sometimes be very confusing and it just doesn’t catch your attention like the plot of a movie should. While the movie’s climax is exciting and fun, the rest of the film is hard to watch.

Robin HoodRussell Crowe and Cate Blanchett once again do a great job in both of their roles, and surprisingly work very well together on screen. They have a certain chemistry that is fun to watch and is believable. The rest of the characters do a fine job in their respective roles. The acting is convincing and what we have come to expect from actors and actresses such as these. The film’s style is conveys authenticity. The battles are exciting, the weapons devastating and the castles mighty. He who is a fan of the medieval times will not be disappointed with its design.

One problem I had with this movie is that to me, it didn’t really feel like a Robin Hood film. There were no jolly men in tights and Robin Hood himself really doesn’t appear until the last minutes of the film. Now Robin Longstride is in the film, but not the character we are used to. Maybe we will the more familiar manifestation of the character in the sequels that are inevitably coming.

Overall, Robin Hood is a good (not great) movie full of medieval battle sequences and genuine adventure that really anyone can enjoy. Ridley Scott shows us yet again that he paid attention in history class, with everything really feeling like the middle ages. One silly issue. The film takes place in 1199. They say it is the turn of the 12th century...but in fact that is the turn of the 13th. Anyway, moving on. The only problem is, it really doesn’t feel like a Robin Hood film. However, it is still a film that will entertain you. I am interested to see what they will put in the sequel (some merry men in tights, maybe?).

I give it 3/5 Stars.


  1. I personally loved the film. I thought it was a refreshing breath of fresh air on an already over done and dying movie series.

    The story, although choppy, felt well written. But it felt cropped down in order to meet the two hour limit of the average film. I believe this will eventually be remedied with a Director's Cut. But I personally loved the story. The only thing that ruined it for me, was the awkward editing at some points which resulted in some strange pacing.

    Overall, I thought the film was great.


  2. Well you are indeed correct that the pacing seemed odd. That is a good way to put it.