Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kingdom Hearts

Title:Kingdom Hearts
Genre: Action adventure, Rpg
Square Enix has done it again. They have released a number of good titles including final fantasy and The World Ends with you. Kingdom Hearts is no different.
The game basically centers around a boy named Sora as he goes on a quest to bring his missing friends back home. But, for some odd reason you are thrown into the vivid Disney universe. That's where the game really gets it's individuality. Not only will you get to visit the "worlds" of your favorite Disney Characters but you will also get to fight along side them. The game has a rich story that will keep you enticed until the credits roll. Not to mention the beautiful cut scenes that acompany you though the story.
The Game play of kingdom hearts is also wonderful. It plays just like a typical RPG. Minus the turn based combat. You scroll through the menus selecting which attack you would like to use. Then you use it. The combat is very fast paced and can be challenging at times. Trust me, the boss fights give you a run for your money. They don't just hand you the victory like they do in most games.
The visuals are also a work of art. The characters are in anime style and they look great. The worlds you roam around in are colorful and each one is unique to the style of the film it was originally portrayed in. The cut scenes are simply amazing. The soundtrack is beautifully recorded. You will find yourself humming a tune from the game more often than not.
Kingdom hearts is a extraordinary game. You will love every second of it, I know I did. I give this game a 5/5.


  1. I have the second one but it's anawsome game with an even better story line!

  2. I am requesting again!!!1
    I would like to see your rating on Resident Evil:Umbrela Coorperation.
    It is AWSOME!

  3. I havent played that one..... Any others?