Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transformers: The game

Title:Transformers: The game
genre: Action Adventure
Platforms:Ps3, Xbox 360, Ps2

Modeled after the summer blockbuster hit, this game looked promising. Sandbox environments, full control over them, playing as a giant robot..... It all looked good. Unfortunately, this game had 'less' than meets the eye.
You basically get to play as all of the autobots (good guys) and all of the deceptions (bad guys) in two separate campaigns. That both feel the same. You control a different bot every mission, but again they all feel the same. After that you head on pointless missions with pointless objectives. It is all pointless.
The graphics are horrible. Not only is the game play graphics choppy, and "cubish" the so called "Pre-rendered" cut scenes are worse.
As you have seen, I dont have much to say about this game. But this one sentence will say all there is to say about Transformers The game. It is not fun to play. At all.
I give this game a 1/5.

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