Friday, September 3, 2010

Mass Effect and Some Recent Ramblings about Recent Happenings

I need to write here more. I figure I could write about more than JUST film. Although I love to write about film. I don't see enough movies to constantly write here. So I need to generate more content.

Anyway, nothing much has been going on with me lately. I have stated school again, and I am very busy. I don't think its anything that I wont be able to handle but I am busy none the less. I had the opportunity to take yearbook class this year, and I am enjoying it. They had "auditions" if you will for one of the five slots of yearbook photographer. I love taking pictures, so I decided to give it a shot. I sent in about 14 of my best pictures and waited. And waited. (and waited.) It took them a while to get back to all of us who had applied, and I was disappointed to discover that I didn't make it and would not be a photographer that year. Although I was disheartened by the news, I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. Perhaps it was seeing other peoples reactions when they discovered they were going to be a photographer.

One fellow in particular stood out to me. He seemed so happy when he read his name off of the list. It struck me as odd, it was only a photography position after all. But then I realized that this meant much more to him than it did to me, and giving me the position and not him would have been a waste. Something told me he worked hard to get where he was today, because he put forth child-like excitement upon receiving the news. It wasn't the kind of excitement where you shout, and jump around. It was the kind of excitement where you say nothing, because you are shouting on the inside. It is my opinion that someone who displays the latter is more excited than someone who doesn't. That's the kind of celebration you give when you have worked hard for something; when one of your dreams have been realized. The words he shared with me further prove my theory about all of this. When he discovered that my name wasn't on the list he turned to me and said
"I'm so sorry. Just don't give up. If its your passion,something you love, just keep on going for it. I have failed many times. Its OK. Keep trying. That struck me as rather interesting. I'm not quite sure why, but those words diminished my disappointment. I realized that I could either feel sad and continue in misery and attempt to enact revenge on those who were responsible for my misfortune. Or, I could pick myself up and try again. I think I am going to do that. I have found that it's all about how you view things. Bad situations can be made good, and good bad. You just need to have a positive outlook on things.
So if you find yourself fallen down, pick yourself up and keep trying. Because it will pay off one day.
In other news, I am getting Mass Effect 2 today! YESSSSS!!!
Have a good weekend everyone.

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