Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Classics Reveiw: Pulp Ficiton

There exist few films that are like Pulp Fiction. Now that I think of it, there are none like it at all. It is completely original. Some might think calling a film that came out in 1994 a classic a bold statement, but those people haven't seen this film. Those who have seen it will agree that it is in fact a classic and very worthy of such recognitions.

Pulp Fiction centers around the lives of several individuals. Jules And Vincent, played Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, are two of these people. They are both hit-men working for a man Marcellus Wallace. They are after a special briefcase. On one mission Jules is saved by what he thinks is divine inspiration. So he then tries to quit taking, and start giving. While this isn't the films main plot, it is one of the many stories that are told in the film. Another is the story of a champion boxer played by Bruce Willis who wins a fight he was supposed to throw. He then is on the run from none other than Marcellus Wallace. Again, both of these stories aren't even the half of what happens in this film.
Of all of the many characters and stories, they are all linked and connected by one thing or another. Now the characters don't have one big reunion or anything, but almost everyone runs into everyone.
The unique thing about this film is that it doesn't play in chronological order. As a matter of fact, the opening scenes are right before the "ending" of things (chronologically speaking.) This is a very interesting way to view the film, and it could have easily turned out horrible. But it doesn't. It is fun to see who is alive and when, when they are killed, and what you know they are about to go and do.
It just makes the movie watching experience all the more enjoyable.

The acting in this film is amazing. The highlight performance has to be from Samuel L Jackson. He does an amazing job supplying dark humor and a human side to the eccentric hit-man Jules. All of the other characters do a great job. Heck, even Uma Thurman was good in this movie. And that's saying a lot.

This film has a certain charm to it that is unmistakable. Now, I use the word "charm" lightly. I mean when you have characters yelling the F word as loud as they can and blowing each others heads to bits,you really cant say that is "charming". But, when you hear Jule's rant on "Big Kahuna Burgers", or Butch's famous line to his girlfriend "Its not a motorcycle baby, its a chopper" you cant help but smile. Now I could go on for days, because almost every single moment in this movie is pure gold. It is packed full of funny dialogue and memorable moments. This is one of those movies that is quoted (and misquoted) again and again and again.

Quentin Tarantino has to be one of the most talented directors in Hollywood today. His ability to make almost anything he touches turn to cinematic gold. This ability is as uncanny as it is amazing. He has a style that is nothing like anything we have seen before. Pulp Fiction best showcases this style and is therefore his best work.
Pulp Fiction is one of those films that you see and you don't forget. It is truly a cinematic experience, and you really get what you take out of it. But everyone gets something, I assure you that.

With solid performances and dialogue, Pulp Fiction is a must see. This is one of those movies that puts the viewer through a journey that they probably haven't been on before. A journey of Hit Men, and champion boxers. A journey of 1950's dancing and greed. Oh yeah, almost forgot. A journey with tasty burgers. Unfortunately no amount of praise can truly do this movie justice. It is truly an original that you need to experience to fully understand what I mean.
However after saying all of that, I will simply say that Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest movies of our time.

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