Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Star Wars Retrospective: Episode I

When it comes to Star Wars, I guess you could say I am a bit of a fanboy. I have hundreds of action figures and other memorabilia, and I was a member of the offical fan club for about six years. I knew I was getting ripped off when I recieved a letter in the mail that read
"There is a disturbance in the force, your subscription has run out! I then knew it was time for a chage in the balance of my force. har har har...

Anyway, I am at my Grandparents house for a week. For whatever reason, they happen to own all six of the Star Wars movies on DVD. Plus they have a very large television. And surround sound. Yes. So guess what Im doing all week? Thats right; super Star Wars marathon extravaganza! As I watch each of the films, I have decided to do kind of a retrospective review thingy on each one. I wont give them an offical rating as much as I will discuss them and leave it open for talk in the comments. I watched Episode I first, so I shall write about that one. Anyway, here goes.

There are alot of things I could say about Episdoe I. I could say that the acting seems terribly forced by Anikan Skywalker. I could say Jar Jar Binks is the most annoying thing to ever exist. Ever. I could say that every time I see Mace Window now I think he looks better with a Jerhi Curl like in Pulp Fiction than he does bald. I could say all of these things and be correct. I guess what Im trying to say can say a lot about this movie. Love it or hate it, it is...different. I really dont want to take a definate side here, but out of all the films this has to be the "worst". That being said I do not entirely hate the film, as I mentioned earlier I am in fact a fanboy; so I kind of like all the films. There are several issues with this movie. One being the acting and the other being the CGI. The acting is rather stale at parts and its like, 90% CGI. Wow. Take that Avatar. While it does have its mishaps, I still enjoy watching it. Ray Park does a pretty good job with stunts as Darth Maul. I will give him that. And Liam Nesson does a fair job as Qui Gon Jinn,a fairly pointless character but a good one to have around. The lightsaber battles are pretty cool, to say the least. The thing that gets me the most is how out of character Anikan Skywalker is. I just felt he should have been more angry than he was. He is like that in later prequel films, and I would have like to seen a little bit of it here. He is rather chipper for a man to later kill hundreds. Luckily we see a more angry Anikan in the other two prequels. But, it is intresting to learn where all of these people come from. It is also fun to see all the cameos like Jabba The Hutt that appear in the film.

I guess all that Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace is, is a filler film. It is neccessary to the plot but isnt as good as the old ones. It is still good, though. At the same time, maybe it isnt quite fair to compare it to the originals. They really captured lighting in a bottle with that one and it is really hard to replicate what they did there. But, it is what it is. Of course the other two prequels were somewhat better than this one. But we will get to that in another post.
Well, Im off now. Ill be back tomorrow, or something.
May the force be with all of you.
-Toad Sage

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