Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

Inception is one of those movies that you have to see to really get what everyone means when they say "Dude, you have to see it!! Using that statement I guess you could say this entire review is obsolete. I still encourage you to read it anyway, because you love me. Anyway, lets get back to the review.

The movie centers around a man named "Cobb". Cobb is what they call an extractor. Basically what Cobb does is he enters peoples minds via dreams to extract information from their heads. He is very good at doing this. The best, actually. Cobb also has some problems that go along with this talent. One problem is, is that he lost almost everything he ever had doing this (i.e. the ability to see his family). But, he discovers a way to get it all back. His way back is called "Inception." What is this Inception I speak of? Well, it is going into someones mind and planting an idea, rather than taking one. Of course when they get there everything goes crazy and things aren't what we expected.
There are a lot of things this film does right. I don't think I will mention all of them, because there are a lot of things to mention. But, I shall mention some.
First off, the acting is solid. I wasnt really a Dicaprio fan until I saw him in Shutter Island. Now I cant get enough of the guy. He does a wonderful job playing the troubled protagonist. He adds a certain level of mystery to the role. Overall, he ends up being likable and you want him to get back to his family. Juno's Ellen Paige plays a young apprentice of Cobb's. Her character is smart and resourceful. Not to mention a little clever. Paige pulls this off well. Joseph-Gordon Levitt plays Cobb's partner in crime Arthur, who really doesn't say much. This kind of character is perfect for Levitt. The character has that same melancholy, "semi-depressed but happy at the same time" thing going for him that he had in 500 Days of Summer.

The storyline of Inception is rather confusing. It will jump far ahead of you waiting to catch up, so be ready. This film is one that you will need to see again. Not to fully understand it per se but to see things you may have not seen before. It is much easier to solve a puzzle one you have all the pieces. This movie seems to know something you don't know, and has a lot more going on than you think it does. As I mentioned earlier, this film stays several steps ahead of you. You will not be able to guess the ending, so the climax of this film is intense.

The action scenes and CGI are also very cool. Even though this thing has basically everything that is standard to today's action films (chase scenes, gunfights) they make them engaging and interesting. I'm not saying that scenes like these are bad, but to some people they can get old. They aren't in this one. You will be rooting (and worrying) for the hero's all the way through. The plot, characters, and action stay fresh all the way through.

As for the CGI, it complements the story unlike some films we have seen. Nolan doesn't add too many effects, but just enough in my opinion. They really add an extra effect of "coolness" on to this film. One of my favorite sequences in the movie is the zero gravity battle sequence in the hotel.

Overall, Inception is a very smart action film. It is cleverly done, and it will have you thinking even after it is over. The acting is great, the action exciting, and the plot complicated (in a good way). If you want to see something completely original, see this film. I assure you that you will want experience "Inception" more than once.
5/5 Stars


  1. Of course we all love you and want to read this! ~(: ha ha

    I've never been into movies like this, but it sounds kinda cool I must say! I love Ellen Paige, she is a great actress!

  2. You should see it!
    Just give it a try, it is different than anything you have ever seen.
    You might enjoy it.

  3. Ah Inception. I'm working on my own review. I would have uploaded it earlier, but... yeah, my internet has been down. It's in the works though.